If you really want to know something about me personally you are right here.

Disclaimer: I haven't been changing anything here for a while, maybe last time 2003 ...
Also, for those who wonder why this is in English: I made this page just for fun while being in the US with HP (see below) and was too lazy to translate or update it since then.

My first performance evaluation

It says: Thomas is an efficient student who knows a lot and who is able to apply his knowledge appropriately. This way he has a positive influence on the classes. However, since he gets distracted easily, his activity is not equivalent to his ability. Caused by his attitude to learn and his open and friendly nature he has a good relationship to his class-mates.

Well, those were the days ... 

Technical specification:

... but who cares for that. There is a nice quote from 'the small prince' - sorry, have to look this up first.

Infected by computers ...

Here is the place for some info about my history in computer business. OK, after having some fussy ideas as every boy (like train operator or fire fighter ...) I came to the conclusion that making a profession from my attraction to electricity might be an appropriate idea. Instead of becoming a high-voltage electrician I was sent to high school, after that, instead of studying IT (the hardware stuff) I was asked whether I wanted to study computer science. No idea yet, but it sounded quite interesting.
So I joined the TU Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz these days) and worked diligently all day long (well, almost). 4 years later it came to the point of writing a diploma thesis. Since this was short after becoming a re-united German citizen I picked HP in Boeblingen. They liked that, too, and I got some real work to do - parts of the prototype of what became ITO (I'm still somewhat proud of that and therefore added a link to it here: Click Here).
The next 6 years I kept working on ITO (two years of that in Ft.Collins, CO which is absolutely worth a look and even more a visit: Check it out). Then two more years working on some Smarties (integration products on top of ITO) until August 1999. Beginning of that year I started to think about working as independent consultant, it took some time pondering about this, but finally I left and that's where I'm today.

What else?

Of course my working day is restricted and so I have to find something else to kill the time. For instance:
bike MTB kayak cook dive lazy photo
skate mbike

 As you can see easily drawing is not one of my strengths ... 

So. If this is still not enough ...

let me know